Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sunday, December 29, 2013

the mouse in the house

 Little mouse i carved when i was trying my luck at animal caricatures

engineer oiler

 Another remake of an earlier piece painted

the politician

 If you look further back you will see the original carving I decided to carve it again and paint it this time

Horse Bite

 This was my big spring project .it is three blocks of wood laminated.I made a clay model of this first.I made my pattern from that then cut out my block of wood . this carving took 2 months to complete.

Bird watcher

loved carving this guy one of those summer projects in between all the honey do list projects

Santa for Val

 This . is a Moore roughout I dont usually do roughouts i like creating my carvings from the block of wood . I bought a few just in case my carving arm acts up again . I was diagnosed with spinal nerve accessory damage which affects my carving arm shoulder and elbow . Anyways I carved this for my wife Val the lady that inspires and encourages me along my carving journey